Sunday, April 12, 2015

Reading Book by a "New to You" Author: No resurrection by Roberto Martínez Guzmán

Publication Date: January 19, 2015 The peaceful city of Ourense is shaken by a series of unrelated murders Apparently. But the murderer's trademark leaves no room for Doubt That are Being in Original crimes-committed by the same person; Emma, ​​a highly intelligent young woman with an elaborate plan, and to motivate That Provides the driving force for her subsequent actions. Eva, a police inspector, is the one in charge of solving the case. And so Begins the race against the clock to Prevent Further Deaths ... Sometimes it is necessary to pick up a good ole murder mystery, right? I think so anyway. I will be reading this one soon- will post a review when finished. Decided to read a mystery, and wanted to try a new author. Reviews look good on Goodreads. Can't wait! Liking the kinda creepy cover! :)