Saturday, April 25, 2015

What Will You Reveal From JIC?

Purchases can be made by using me as your personal Rep to support my journey with JIC while you discover a fantastic product. Click the purple tabbed link at the top of this blog labeled *SHOP THERESA'S JEWELRY IN CANDLES STORE TODAY* to choose your candle from my personal online store. Find jewelry in every item purchased~ Men and Women jewelry and candles selections are available: 100% Soy product candles that burn 100-150 hours. Perfect for gift giving, or just to fill your home with a different variety of wall-to-wall scents. Thank you for your purchases! What will you reveal inside your candle or tart? Good luck to you from your personal JIC Rep! Look out for giveaways and special promotions from me. You are welcome to share my personal store link with your friends who are interested in JIC products, so remember to tell your friends about it. I look forward to seeing your personal reveal photos and I can share them on this blog if you would like. In addition, I cannot wait to offer occasional personal discounts and giveaways to my customers. Please feel free to share what you reveal with me, contact me with questions, or inquire about how you can become a JIC Rep too. A few common FAQ's answered below, and questions presented in bold font. Have a great day! Your (JIC) Rep, Theresa Nowaczyk *Remember to check out the giveaway on this blog for $10.00 toward the book depository*
What is the value of the jewelry? The jewelry found in our candles will range from $10 to several thousand dollars. You will discover jewelry ranging from .925 silver plated or gold plated jewelry some with stones made from cubic zirconium or other materials. As the value of the jewelry you discover increases you will find titanium jewelry, solid sterling silver, solid yellow gold and solid white gold and may include real diamonds, rubies or other precious jewels. Can I receive more than jewelry in my candle? Bonus Prizes***** For even more excitement, we have bonus jewelry candles identical to every other candle, that could arrive in your order containing hi-tech electronics, gift cards, vacations and other grand prizes yet to be announced. These candles will have a certificate with instructions how to redeem your prize. Can I receive a candle with no jewelry? We have specifically designed our processed and procedures to ensure that there is jewelry in EVERY candle & tart. It is impossible for there to be NO jewelry. All of the steps below outline our processes. (If the jewelry was missing, the next stage could not be completed!) Let us explain. Our entire process for making the candle is based upon the jewelry being present. It is not possible for us to complete the candle without the jewelry. Have you ever heard of any JIC customers getting a candle with no wick, no wax, no label or no lid? The answer is No. But with jewelry, we receive dozens of claims every week saying "there is no jewelry in my candle"... an easy score, right? (Did you know, a candle that has been burned, the walls of the jar are nearly BLACK with stains from the flame (can be easily wiped off)? But every picture we receive of "no jewelry" the jars are completely wiped clean, presumable to hide where the foil and glue were removed leaving an obvious void of the stains from the burning flame.) First. The jewelry is manually sized for accuracy, placed in a plastic bag, then wrapped in colored foil representing the size and type of jewelry. Next, the foil-wrapped jewelry is glued to the inside of the jar to make sure that it stays in place and is placed at an exact level so it is near the top after the wax is poured. (if the foil was empty it would be very noticeable (visibly and physically) when the jewelry is pressed against the side of the jar). Next the wicks and wick holders are installed. Each jar is inspected to make sure wicks and jewelry are present. You can't miss the colored foil in an empty glass jar! Next, our employees are instructed to use the jewelry as the marker to fill the wax. The wax just covers the jewelry so when you, the customer, melts the candle, the jewelry can be quickly discovered. If there was no jewelry to pour the wax to it would be a huge red flag! Next, our label people use the jewelry location (still easily visible through the glass jar) as the location to place the label, covering the jewelry with the label so it is hidden from view. If there was no jewelry they would spin round and round searching. If not found, the employees are instructed to discard the product. As you can see, we could not even finish making the candle without jewelry being present. It is not our policy at JIC to replace "missing" jewelry, as it is extremely difficult to verify such a claim. If you receive a candle that you believe has no jewelry, please burn the candle to the bottom as the jewelry may have fallen in the process. Shipping - International sales and shipping fees Does JIC ship product international? YES. - Unless your specific county has a trade embargo with the USA then we cannot ship. How much does international shipping cost? We have been asked many times why shipping seems so high. International shipping is expensive, especially for candles. They are large and heavy. We have contacted every major shipping company and we are told this is the cheapest method. We charge the exact cost charged to us by the shipping company. We are continuing to review new options to lower shipping cost. Other shipping companies charge $100 or more for a single candle to some countries. What are the exact shipping cost? The best way to find out exact pricing for your location/country is to add product to your cart and start the checkout process. We are assigned a rate class with USPS​ that gives us a fixed discount from their standard pricing so we do not know the exact cost to every country, city, state, etc... *****AND MORE*****